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A surf charter trip is the ultimate surfers dream. Perfect waves with nothing but a few friends and crystal clear water. Surfing all day, then relaxing at sunset aboard a gently rocking vessel with a beer. Waking up early the next morning for the next surf session. Surf, relax and repeat.

What We Offer

Free Personal Assistance

There are so many surf boats out there. Let us guide you to find the best suitable surf charter vessel for you. Join a trip as a single surfer, with a small group or book a private surf boat with your friends.

Best Rates & Specials

We work directly with the boat owners. We make sure you get the best deal; we will offer you all early booking or last-minute rates and give you the extra commission we receive as a discount.

All Surf Regions

The most popular regions for surf charter trips are certainly Maldives and Mentawai Islands. We also selected surfboat that specialise in Banyaks and Telos Islands. Each region is different in many ways.

Trees Planted for each booking

LTL Surf Charters plants trees to offset your carbon footprint. We plant 10 trees per single surfer booking and 100 if you book a private charter. We send you the tree certificate after your trip.


We go the extra mile...

“Everything has been great. The crew was better than I expected, and the surf charter was very comfortable. I’m very grateful for you and your service. It was an excellent treat !! I hope to come again and i will let you guide me ! Thanks a lot ! All the best !”

Eduardo, Spain

“As a past client of LTL Surfcharters my choice to use their services in the future is a resounding hell yeah! We wanted to travel half way around the world to the Maldives. I checked with them through a recommendation. They have a regularly updated list of last minute deals. The process was easy to book and when we landed in the Maldives we had staff waiting and ready to lug our bags to the boat.”

Kahi, Hawaï

Contact Us

Send us your preferred region, for how many surfers, your dates and phone number with country code, so we can call you if we need extra information to find you the best surf charter options. We'll get back to you within 24 hours and often much sooner.

Surfcharters Collection

LTL Surf Charters offers a wide collection of the best surf boats.


Tony Hinde

Tony Hinde, named the father of surfing in Maldives, pioneered most of the best breaks in the Maldives and went on to set up the first private surf resort in the area at his beloved Pasta Point.

International Flights to Maldives

What are the most popular airlines for your flight to Maldives ? Check the list and make sure you double check the policy to take your surfboards, as they change regularly.

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