Tony Hinde

Tony Hinde, named the father of surfing in Maldives, pioneered most of the best breaks in the Maldives and went on to set up the first private surf resort in the area at his beloved Pasta Point.

International Flights to Maldives

What are the most popular airlines for your flight to Maldives ? Check the list and make sure you double check the policy to take your surfboards, as they change regularly.

New Surfer Tax Mentawais

From the 1st of July 2016, all surfers are charged a surfer tax at the airport arrival in Mentawai. The amount of Rp 1 million ( about US$ 75 or AU$ 105 ) is billed upon arrival, valid for 15 days, which can be extended.

Surf Charter Preparation

What's important when you are planning to do a surf charter trip with your friends.? Make sure you choose a well-maintained boat and check facilities, extra's you want and more. Good preparation will bring you the best possible experience and long lasting memories....

Mentawai Surf Tourism

The Mentawai surf breaks offer remarkable consistency and quality the whole year round. During the southern hemisphere’s winter, the Indian Ocean is a real groundswell producing machine. A surf charter gives you the opportunity to score the best waves of your life.

Surf Charter Checklist

What are the essentials you have to bring on a surf boat trip. Important things to arrange up front and to take on board with you besides the usual travel stuff...

Maldives Surf Charter Guide

The Maldives has become a real surfers paradise and very popular with beginner and experienced surfers. There is a wide variety of options, which can be overwhelming. We can divide The Maldives into 4 main areas: Northern Atolls, Male Atolls, Central Atolls and Southern Atolls. Each region is different in many ways.

How to find uncrowded waves

As surfing is getting more and more popular, it's getting more difficult to surf uncrowded waves. It's still possible though and booking a surf charter trip can be the way to get you into an empty lineup.