The price we pay for ever cheaper long-haul travel is endemic crowding in the lineup. It’s getting harder and harder to score waves all to yourself.

Every surfer is in search of uncrowded waves. If you are really determined there are always places where you can still find empty surf breaks. A boat trip gives you the flexibility of simply motor to the next wave if one break is too crowded. Although it’s getting harder and harder to score waves all to yourself, it’ still possible.

Book a surf charter outside peak season

One tip is to book a surf charter trip in the early or late season, where the surf is in general still epic and there are fewer boats cruising around. Another advantage is that rates are lower out of peak season.

Go surfing in remote surf areas

Another tip to score empty waves is to head off the beaten track. As crowds recede, costs go up though, because most boats charge extra fuel costs, which can add up swiftly. It’s not easy to work out exact prices without doing a detailed breakdown and analysis.

The heavier waves in Indo can lead to more cutthroat crowds, whereas the Southern and Central Atolls in the Maldives still tend to be quieter.