What do I have to take on a surf charter trip?

First of all, remember that it’s always best to travel light! You don’t need much more than your surfboard, but there are a few essentials not to forget.

Most important is a good travel insurance as it’s mandatory on all boats for your own safety.

Of course, you need to make sure you have your passport and a visa if necessary ( depending on your country of residence ) and don’t forget your airline ticket and best take a passport copy too. Make sure your deposit and balance payment for your trip are done and that all your travel arrangements are confirmed before you leave.

What do you have to bring for in the water?

Best 2 to 4 surfboards, reef booties, extra leashes, fins, warm water wax and maybe a helmet or at least a surf hat for the sun. A spring wetsuit and/or boardshorts. A ding repair kit is a good idea to bring too. Don’t forget your sunblock of course.

Take lightweight clothing in your luggage, shoes and sandals and the usual travel stuff like a beach towel, toiletries, your sunglasses, camera and basic medical kit with seasick pills and of course your prescription medicine. Surf charter guests often take headphones to relax and enjoy some of their favourite music.

It’s a good idea to see your doctor before you leave and have a health check-up. Anti-malaria medication is normally not necessary while staying on a boat although sometimes advised. Insect repellent is always best to take.